Friday, 3 July 2009

Landscapes of practice workshop

About fifty people here. My eeePC is playing up - won't recognise my password sometimes. People are twittering. See the tag #oulop09. e.g.
#oulop09 Etienne Wenger talking about 'identity as curriculum'
We've had to explain twittering to some people who don't yet practise that.
Feel there is fundamental misunderstanding in the room ca. wikis, blogs & twitter - questions being asked are irrelevant to me! #oulop09
kind of just get frustrated when folk dont understand that practices are diff in web 2.0 space - thats kind of the point #oulop09
We have a blog (private) at Wordpress, and we're creating a wiki. Did you know that 'wiki' comes from a Hawaiian word meaning fast?

The morning seems a bit disorganised. We don't know quite what we're doing. This video's Etienne telling us what the first activity is supposed to be.

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