Saturday, 30 January 2010

Generative writing

I need to plan and map how I'm going to get my draft thesis to my supervisors by July.
Will I?
Er how?
Murray advises moving on from generative writing. Generative writing which is one step further from free writing. It's writing without stopping, writing on a particular topic, writing for someone to read. And hurrah! Isn't that what I've been doing for this blog?

I don't know who you are reading it - only the occasional comment from readers who post, or perhaps in the OU who tell me they read it. Thank you because you being there has given me someone to generate writing for a la Rowena Murray. Last year my blog generated over 45,000 words. Now I have to generate enough writing for my thesis - around 80,000 words.

MURRAY, R. (2002) How to write a thesis, Buckingham ; Philadelphia, Open University Press.


mqtran said...

I read this blog regularly.

Please keep up the writing. Lots of useful tidbits for me to soak up :)

eLizH said...

Your comment's encouraging, thank you.