Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Full draft done

I have sent my supervisors all the chapters, with humble apologies for lack of articulateness on the conclusions, but reporting that I'd got someone else to read at least some of it to check for the cryptic clippedness that supervisor#1 dislikes in my style. My style has so changed, and I didn't realise until one reader said he'd had problems where I'd used 'combinations' as a noun. I had to go back to the theory I was using to check those authors also used the word as a noun, not as combining or combined. It is now so clear to me, but I've read that particular paper many times.

Supervisor #1 has come back all cheerful and praising that I've got it done to the time we'd agreed (took me three 60 hour weeks) and says not to worry about the conclusion as it usually takes a few iterations. Now I have to wait three weeks for their feedback.

Am I on the last 385 yards of this marathon?


lizit said...

well done!

It may be that 3 weeks of distancing yourself is no bad thing and may make the next edit easier. Do hope you are rewarding yourself for your achievements so far!

Do remind me of all my intended to be helpful comments (the helpful ones anyway) when it's my turn.

eLizH said...

I'm rewarding myself by marking the computing assignments that students sent me a week ago. But, yes, I am more relaxed, went out to the local pub for a celebratory beer on Monday and even went to tae kwo do yesterday for the first time in over 2 weeks.

mqtresearch said...

BIG grats Liz!!!