Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Minor results

My viva yesterday resulted in PhD with minor corrections.

I followed the Ten Tips for getting through your PhD Viva more or less.
  • I had a good piece of work
  • my supervisors choose examiners who liked my work
  • I knew my arguments
One of the amendments is to put in the introduction some alternative ways I could have done the work - that's always awkward because there are a thousand different ways to discard and would make a thesis ten times longer, but I need write only a couple of sentences I understand.

An interesting question they asked was if I'd ever come across such a cyclic model of engagement from a consultancy, being as consultants are renowned for producing their own models, especially two by two matrices. But no, I haven't, and I doubt anyone else has because my model came from thinking about Nahapiet and Ghoshal's model of social capital, and was empirically developed from the case studies. I haven't fully explained it on this blog partly because I wanted to keep the details until I was ready to publish. Soon they will be published in
  1. my thesis in the Open University library
  2. the MCD conference paper.
After it all, we quietly celebrated in the office with fellow students, anyone passing by and a bit of bubbly.

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Sophia said...

eLiz, you have a crowd of support, not so quiet. Thanks for sharing your experience! Sophia