Saturday, 13 February 2010


I gave a computing tutorial today, but only one student turned up. At the end of the day she avowed its usefulness, and I'm sure she learned a lot, though it's a bit intensive being the only student.

Only that one student downloaded the exercise I'd put on the tutor group forum. Why did no-one else come? I guess:
  • they're busy
  • they haven't got babysitters
  • they're ahead on the material
  • they don't need a tutorial
  • they forgot
  • they don't read the TGF so didn't get a reminder
  • they don't go on the course web site to look when tutorials happen
  • they don't receive a letter with the dates of tutorials (as used to happen some years ago)
  • I smell
  • they already know my face and don't want to see it again

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