Friday, 14 May 2010


People need a place to engage, so they have some place in common to talk and share knowledge. Nonaka has a term 'Ba', which is more than a place but can be physical or virtual and is also a time.
"The process of transferring one's ideas or images directly to colleagues or subordinates means to share personal knowledge and create a common place—or ba."
I think it's a wonderful concept because it is so close to what I understand by engaging with each other. Engaging transfers knowledge and creates a space.

Nonaka, I. & Konno, N. 1998. The Concept Of "Ba": Building a Foundation for Knowledge Creation. California Management Review, 40: 40-54.
Nonaka, I., Toyama, R., & Konno, N. 2000. Seci, Ba and Leadership: A Unified Model of Dynamic Knowledge Creation. Long Range Planning, 33: 5-34.

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