Tuesday, 8 June 2010


After supervision, I seem to have found a new ball to roll. By the end of last week, I was getting stuck, apart from a short moment when I realised that my theoretical framework could act as a paradigm for good practice and if components or connection on it are missing, then I have a tool to analyse how to improve engagement.

I wrote that idea up in a hurry, illustrating it with some of my case studies and gave my supervisors 24 hours to read it before our meeting. I'd already given them two other papers and then rolled to a stop.

Supervisors' response is positive because it may be a way to compare across cases instead of using tables, (which I'd tried and weren't working).

Future weeks' work then will be to rewrite all five cases studies:
  • do they show mutuality of engagement of interactive problem solving?
  • do they show a meta-capability to produce engagement?
  • what was complex about each project?
  • identify the value that grew from solving complexity and knotty problems
  • write about the value for each case
  • identify what the key issues were that needed to be resolved, if they were resolved and how engagement helped the extent to which they were resolved.
I feel like my supervisors have given me a kick, and like a ball I'm slowly rolling again. May be this mess of thoughts will gain speed.

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