Saturday, 5 June 2010

Value in eye of stakeholder

"Prioritization of stakeholder value needs to have a higher profile in IT"
was the starting point of this BCS software practice advancement specialist group last week, with speaker, Lindsey Brodie, who is researching this for her PhD at Middlesex.

Lindsey Brodie says that you need a method that allows people to talk about value, so that you can then identify which business modules stakeholders want to prioritise. She's assessed various prioritization methods, in particular Tom Gilb's impact estimation method, which uses quantified data and has found it better captures stakeholder viewpoints and value.

It sounds useful, though peripheral to my research. My interviewees have commented on the need to get stakeholders to prioritise their IS wants against their business aims. My research is about how you get your stakeholders together to talk. Lindsey's research assumes that you've got them together, can list what they're talking about and asks how you can best measure and prioritise.

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