Monday, 26 July 2010

Editing non-fiction

Effective writing requires effective editing, and I see that Oxford Continuing Education is running a course on editing non-fiction. It's a three day course this October - November, and maddeningly I can't make the middle day. :( But perhaps you would want to know and can go so I thought I'd mention it.

It's called Effective Writing 1: editing non-fiction, and here's the link. The brochure says it aims to teach students "how to turn drab and listless writing into material that is correct, effective and eye-catching". The timing is right if you're in third/fourth year PhD and writing up.

I've done other OUCE weekend courses, starting with their excellentintensive language weekends some years ago and last year a maths day soI know that they've had some wonderful tutors.

Last year I tried to sign up for their course on Resounding Results of Resourceful Researchers , but they were overbooked. See here. That's probably a useful course for first year and MRes students, and the OUCE description makes their course sound rather different and tempting, but the OU library covers searching and literature reviews here. And the OU costs me nothing. But I'd still like to do the OUCE RRRR. Anyone else going to do it?

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