Friday, 11 February 2011

Advanced word processing

My colleague's sitting next to me updating her references to her diagrams manually. She's checking each one and changing them in her 90,000 word long thesis. And she's writing up her contents manually. Yeuch. I showed her how to
  • right click any new diagram,
  • choose caption,
  • add it in and
  • check its style is 'caption' so it goes centre and with the required line spacing. Then I
  • use insert cross reference to refer to the figure, and
  • add the page number if it's a figure in an appendix.
  • A quick scroll page (using view document map) to the list of figures in contents,
  • right click and update. Yep - all forty figures fine.
But this is not the time to learn advanced features like this - learn them in third year and keep practising. Here's a link to a pdf from Durham University on "Creating Long Documents Using Microsoft Word 2007" - it looks useful, simple and short (20 pages).

I would like to learn and easily do chapter numbers in the way that I did twenty years ago with AmiPro. That was a nice word processing package.

My colleague says (tongue in cheek) this isn't all my own work - I've been too technology-assisted!

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