Monday, 8 September 2008

BAM doctoral symposium: career & RATS

I enjoyed this session that Chris Huxham gave on potential careers after PhD (Who for? For me?!).

RATS is a mnemonic for
  • Researching
  • Administration
  • Teaching
  • Service
It had more or less the same content as the OUBS research week session in July (See here). But
  1. was visually interesting and
  2. added a service component
That service component sounds likeHandy's portfolio, volunteering, doing extra that is socially useful, like joining a special interest group or volunteering for a board. It would help the networking as well as open other areas of research or work. I don't remember all her arguments.

But her visuals included RATS!
Moving rats in cartoons - I wonder why she got the images from

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