Wednesday, 12 November 2008

First year here

What would new students need to know?
  • Where's our desk? Where do the other students sit? Most of us are together but there are others on another floor with the real academics.
  • Who's in charge? It used to be the tartar of a secretary and then the director, but the secretary has moved on to better things. We miss her because she used to be the one who told us where to find things, how to get things done, and when to get our assignments or reports in.
  • Where do we go for the B852 seminars?
  • Are there tea making facilities?
  • Can we photocopy? Where? In colour? And how do we get a printer from our desktops?
  • There's a shower! - Where?
  • How do I claim expenses?
  • How do I get my access badge? I need it for library access and to access the bike shed.
  • How do I post stuff?
  • What's the browsery?
Answers to these and other as yet unthought of questions are coming in the video we are making as part of the participatory video workshops.

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