Saturday, 24 January 2009

Writing up

I'm analysing and writing my first accounts of my first couple of case studies, which isn't an easy task I think because you have to transcribe, code - er how? Code what? How do I choose my codes? And what does it mean when you assign a code to a piece of text?

So I've got these codes from the Naphiet and Ghoshal framework and highlighted them over my eleven transcripts, but somehow I have to write up my findings so that they logically cohere with my codes. I read what I've written - 6000 words (wow!) but I've missed that step - it's in my head and not in my writing. So I've got to spend a couple of days pulling those codes out, deconstructing what my interviewees said into the various dimensions of social capital and then reconstructing the analysis into coherent writing. It sometimes seems a bit silly really.

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