Sunday, 19 April 2009

Duty distracts

Just when you think you might make a crack in the glass ceiling, someone below shouts, "Mum, I need a clean towel to take back to uni".

I haven't been blogging for a bit because hearth and home demand me. But middle age is when your children think they don't need you any more (except for processing clean towels) and when your elders need you do your duty for them as they get more fragile.

I watch in horror as a loved old lady goes into a residential home to a room smaller than that in the local convent boarding school. She can't have a phone line - they've used up their quota. Old people don't have mobile phones. Rheumy eyes with aged related macula or cataracts cant' see numbers on mobiles. Arthritic fingers can't punch those tiny keys. No phone even! So what happens to my octogenarian dad who emails us regularly. How will he use his computer in his residential home, if he has to go into one?

So duty calls me to do what I can for loved relatives.

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