Monday, 27 April 2009

Qualitative analysis & NVivo

We have a two day work shop on NVivo, and not how to use, but why to use it. It's proving very useful and interesting, and would have saved me three days of coding back in January if I'd known then what I learned today.

Next time I get a case study, my process will be:
  • Transcribe - delegate
  • Add time stamps
  • Style. e.g. different styles for interviewer, interviewee, and questions related to my framework. Then autocode.
  • Font - use a big font that's easy to read on a screen
  • Anonymise so I can share with supervisors (will they want to look?)
  • Import to NVivo
  • Code
Coding will include importing as cases, which I couldn't get my head round earlier - I hope I can now. I will import cases, assign attributes and perhaps analyse relationships using the relationship node.

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