Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Writing case studies

Writing isn't easy. Remember having to write an essay of two thousand words? It was hard to write those assignments three years ago as I studied my Masters in Research Methods. Then there was the thesis of 15,000 words for which we had about three months to do it.

Three weeks ago at a supervisory meeting I agreed with my supervisors that I needed to get them a write up of a case study, one that I'd written up against a framework of social capital, not against engagement. Each case study takes around three or four weeks to produce, and since I'd written up others, I thought I could do this last one in three weeks. At the same time, I have to start working on cross case comparison and analysis. Then I realised that I'd got two case studies to write up against engagement. Oh dear.

But hey! I've written them both in three weeks. I'm so pleased, and so surprised because that's something like 11,000 coherent words in three weeks. If I can write like that for the
  • introduction (5000)
  • literature review (12000)
  • methodology (12000)
  • cases (12000)
  • cross case analysis (12000)
  • findings (12000)
  • contribution and conclusion (5000)
then may be I can write my dissertation by September, all 70-80,000 words of it.

Just don't expect me to blog at the same time.

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