Sunday, 7 March 2010

Relaxing reading

I've just spent a happy half hour lying in bed reading the Open University's student and alumni magazine Sesame. You can read some of it on-line here, but the latest edition isn't up there yet.

I don't read on line when I'm having a lie-in, with a late morning cuppa tea. In fact, I wouldn't read Sesame if it were only available on-line. I realised this when I reached page 33 of the magazine where I recognised a photo I'd seen before somewhere - I'd seen it in the on-line version when the OU sent me the link. I'd opened the link, skimmed it and got back to work. Consequently I had missed heaps of interesting articles, such as
  • one by my fellow research student, Tom Farrell, on whether shock-tactic advertising is an effective and ethical campaign
  • Student support for those with Asperger syndrome - one of my students at yesterday's tutorial has that
  • a short course on the physics of sport - something I'd like to know about when I'm doing tae kwon do
But they're going to put Sesame on-line. That's so sad because after more than 30 years as an OU distance student, an associate lecturer or a full time PG, I'll not be reading it any more.

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