Thursday, 15 April 2010


Computer Weekly sent me an email asking me to sign
"Can we have the attached right to republish agreement signed and sent back to us. This is not a copyright, only a right to republish."
But the attachment says that "during the term of the agreement" (with no term given) I'll agree to publish 'it' exclusively in CW, so that isn't the same as the covering email. Now, the OU has provided some seminars during our research training on things like copyright and being careful what you sign away to journals, but journals aren't quite the same. So I went to my frequently-published-relative for advice. FPR responded promptly, querying the term:
"They seem to be retaining the right of veto over any publication. That's okay if it's for, say, 90 days - but not forever. That's the question I'd ask. 90 days is common."
So I might respond that I'm happy to sell them exclusive rights in all forms of publication from 90 days after date of first publication, and the right in perpetuity to use the piece for Computer Weekly. How's that sound?

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