Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Action hots up

Action hots up.

I had an interview today and was delighted when my interviewee passed me on to someone else to talk to there and then, same place, same day. With just a little more data, I'll have another case study.

I got in to my desk to receive a phone call from a potential contact asking me to send him some details about my research. Wey-hay. Am I pleased! It was a fellow student who gave me this contact - thank you to her.

I bumped into supervisor #2 and told him - I couldn't keep the grin off my face. He looked surprised, after all we'd spoken only yesterday and I hadn't emphasised this potential case study, and hadn't known about the other contact. Also, he asked if I'd searched for
"knowledge creation" and "system development"
No, I haven't searched for that. I keep a list of all my search terms, where I searched, when, number of hits and comments and that combination is not in my list. Supervisor thinks that's what my research is about, not engagement so I'd better start searching.

Since I have enough to do, just thinking, reading and writing, I am arranging to get some interviews transcribed. The OUBS provides a pot of money for research activities and transcription seems a good way to spend it, so I'm investigating the recommended Way with Words.

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