Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Technology I use for research

Research uses technology:
  • Microsoft Office (though I could use Open Office - it's Microsoft available on campus). I use Word for writing, reports, chapters and Excel for my plans.
  • Phone - not Skype though
  • Blogging software - this, and I have tried the OU's Assistive Publishing System (APS) to create an internal web site.
  • NVivo for qualitative analysis
  • SPSS for statistical analysis, though not much since I completed the Master in Research Methods.
  • Virtual Private Network(VPN) - very useful for accessing my files on the server at the OU when I'm working at home
  • microfiche - once for a PhD thesis that the library got hold of for me.
  • Digital recording software - for recording data and playing it back
  • Digital photography software - used to edit photographs for the poster I created for the competition.

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