Monday, 8 June 2009

Poster competition follow-up

There's no feedback on the OU poster competition. I knew I couldn't present but expected to be able to show the poster, share information and get feedback. Since I’d gone to the trouble of creating a poster before I knew of clashing dates, I was a tad peeved to have put in all the effort to then get told that if I couldn't present, there was no need to put the poster up. I'd sent my apologies, with explanation, but got this reply.
"It is not going to be possible for your poster to take part in the poster competition as you do need to be present with it. There is therefore no need to drop off your poster.
Should you decide that you do wish to take part in the poster competition after all we look forward to seeing you by 9.45 am"
No way was I going to take part in 'playing posters' at the expense of losing good contacts. Although, few things would keep me away, one would be access, and I had an opportunity too good to miss.

My director protested to the person who 'organises' the competition, and I was allowed to get a colleague to put the poster up. As a consequence I also learnt that the competition is marked in two halves, 50% for the poster and 50% for the presentation.

However, there's no feedback. No one knows how many marks are allocated to whom for what. No-one can tell me who won, or what topics won, except by word of mouth that science posters won again. It doesn't seem worth the effort.

But I did come second in the on-line competition, so I must have been doing something right. :)

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