Friday, 26 June 2009

Typical research day

  • Make tea as soon as I get into the office
  • Read emails
  • Play jigzone
  • Follow my Zetoc alerts to new papers
  • Use OU library site for electronic access to journals and to search databases like EBSCO
  • Coffee with colleagues
  • Write notes in my bibliographic software (Endnote) or blog
  • Check PhD comics
  • Remember to open Twirl - a feed for my Twitter updates
  • Avoid Facebook
  • Check academic networks like or the OU Ning site
By lunch time I've used an email package, rss feeds, a web browser, word processing software and perhaps a drawing package like Inspiration. If I've been working on data I've collected, then I've also used analysis software, and perhaps transcription software.

What I don't do enough of, is reading and writing, slow careful thoughtful reading, and academic writing. I suspect the technology distracts.

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