Monday, 26 May 2008

Bovens models and Schein's

Months ago I saw a relationship between Schein's models of clients and Bovens actors. I thought I'd made a note of their relationships, I'd do it in a table, but I can't find anything. Schein has two models: one of client roles and the other is a model that classifies clients according to levels of problems. I think there is a match between Bovens actors and Schein's second model.

Schein's model considers problems at levels of:
  • individual
  • interpersonal
  • group, which can be face to face or intergroup
  • organisational
  • inter-organisational or larger system
Bovens considers actors:
  • individual
  • collective
  • hierarchical
  • corporate
I can't yet quite see how they match, so I've sketched a graph and I'm still thinking. Perhaps I'll ask my colleague whose work gave me the idea for her suggestions.

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