Friday, 4 July 2008

Argument for research question

I started by noting that
  1. the consultancy market has been growing, and
  2. that the public sector increasingly uses consultants.
  3. In order to get from value for money from using them, the NAO recommends that senior management engage with consultants.
  4. However, how engagement is happens, is not clear.
  5. So, research might elucidate how engagement works and how it adds value to a project.
That makes my research question:
How does public sector engagement with external consultants contribute value to projects.

My argument links engagement to value, which in turn allows accountability, which was where I started over a year ago.

Social capital helps increase intellectual capital, which is what consultants deal in someone says, so finding how engagement increases social capital will also help show how consultants add value to intellectual capital.

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