Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Working hypotheses

In order to achieve effective project performance it is important that:
  • clients and consultants engage with each other
  • clients know what they want from the project
  • clients know the terms of engagement even if the outcomes are uncertain
  • consultants transfer knowledge to clients (depends on the project tho)
  • engagement is a process
  • engagement allows transfer of knowledge
  • knowledge transfer is good
  • knowledge transfer increases project value
  • increased project value is necessary for a more effective project
  • knowledge transfer is a requirement for an effective project (but may not be if this is for example, a one-off decision)
  • knowledge is an undefined form of intellectual capital (it could depend on scope or type of communication or length of time required) {Czerniawska, 2002 #894})

Czerniawska, F. (2002) The intelligent client: managing your management consultant, Hodder & Stoughton. 894

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