Thursday, 19 June 2008

Acculturation and brand choice

As part of our OUBS student to student presentations, Rohini today told us about her research into acculturation of Indians in Britain, and their brand choices. She is so good at the branding aspect that she even has a brand logo for her research. It is a red and blue combination of the Taj Mahal with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Acculturation is a word that I haven't heard much, but it was used over 4000 years ago in around 2300 BC when the Mesopotamians started to trade.

She is choosing a bidirectional model of acculturation, and the RAEM model. I understand it leads to the concept of situational ethnicity, where the individual could be in the separation category in certain spheres of their life and in the assimilation category in other spheres. The ethnic minority consumers may sway between host and ethnic cultures in different domains of their lives.The brands reflect a perception of who we want to be so indicates acculturation - is the dependent variable.

These sessions are interesting in expanding our business and research knowledge as well as building up support between students. Thanks go to the chap here who organises them.

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