Thursday, 12 June 2008

Poster competition

Yesterday the OU research students had a competition to assess the best posters on research. Six of us in the OUBS submitted something, and two of us won, which was nice. One was a blood and gore depiction of the ethics of advertising - the author demonstrated his advertising skill, and deserved to win. The other on acculturation and branding struck the judges because of the impact of its branding logo that immediately indicated what the research was about.

The training had suggested that less is more, to keep it simple, but a lot of those that won seemed to have heaps of small writing, and even included references, which to me is more what you want in a report than in a poster. One particularly striking poster didn't win, which was a shame. Perhaps, it had the same problem that mine had; insufficient methodological detail.

One of the judges afterwards gave me individual feedback. I needed to indicate my hypothesis and show that I'd done a preliminary case study with some quotes from it. She said it was all in my head, but not on my poster. So I'd better redesign it for the OUBS research week at the end of June.

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