Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Value of engagement

Trying to get my head round various ideas like engagement and how it can add value, I sketched this. There's a positive feedback cycle between social networks and engagement - the more you engage the more you widen or use your social networks. And the more you use your social networks then the more social capital you build up, which increases your intellectual capital. The theory is that increased intellectual capital adds value to the project you're working on. Does it?

Value is the qualitative aspect of adding value, as opposed to the countable value for money (VfM). VfM is what the government literature talks about a lot.

Another interesting thing about the government literature is how often it links accountability with value for money. But the accountability label is kept quiet, not scarily near the forefront of discussion, so there's less hint of blame.

What else do I need to think of?

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