Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Drivers and outcomes of engagement

I have a list of drivers of engagement and a list of outcomes of engagement, and sometimes they're the same. Or the way the authors write makes it difficult to distinguish between drivers and outcomes. I think drivers include:
  • Trust, Commitment (Block, NAO 2006),
  • Learning {Marcum}, Involvement {Marcum, Wenger}, Interest {Marcum}, Participation {Marcum, Axelrod, 2004},
  • Dialogue {McMaster},
  • Vigour, Dedication & Absorption {Schaufeli},
  • Belonging, Being included, Negotiation Relations of mutuality Coming to the office {Wenger},
  • Round tables {Block}
  • Belief that people matter, Encourage collaboration, Foster participation, Create communities , Connect people, Embrace democracy {Axelrod, 2002}
I think I can combine these drivers with outcomes into a couple of dimensions:
  • emergent knowledgeability
  • communication
Then these various drivers and outcomes might make sense.

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