Thursday, 17 September 2009

Ethical issues

My dissertation points on ethical issues must include:
  • Dignity, welfare, do no harm
  • Care taken to do no harm. Participants and organisations confidentiality respected.
  • Data accurately collected and reported
  • Permission to conduct research in the manner adopted was gained from the OU ethics committee
  • Interviewees and organisations were informed of the nature of the research and given the right to anonymity, offered the chance to withdraw or discontinue participation, given written details of how their details would be stored and used and asked to indicate their agreement
  • At the interview stage, interviewees were sent or given a copy of the information sheet and an informed consent form. The form was discussed and collected at the beginning of the interview. The form gave the option of separately giving or refusing permission for the recording of interview. The interviewees were given anonymity in the thesis and in the NVivo files by the use of pseudonyms.

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