Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Getting somewhere

Post supervision:
  1. Supervisors are happy (ish)
  2. my framework could make a significant contribution
  3. Supervisor # 1 is (again) looking for a case study through work contacts
  4. As usual both supervisors are available together, even if they have to come in especially, which is what they might have done today - I appreciate that effort.
  5. They gave me direction to work out how to finish my literature review with this proposed framework for analysis of the case studies, then "This suggests the framework is useful to test..."
The happiish bit is because of the paucity of rich case studies, hence supervisor #1 wants to widen outside the public sector. Without the data, I can't finish on time with a good thesis. The options are:
  1. Finish but I may find the examiner passes the thesis only with major revisions or
  2. Wait until case study materialises so I finish late
Both scenarios mean an unfunded delay.

For a rich case study, I need an IT project where I can speak to several people: users, project manager, contractors, developers and consultant. I have one otherwise good case study where I couldn't speak to the consultant; an examiner might argue that without the consultant's perspective I can't say enough about engagement.

So it's back to the word processor to work out how to write my arguments. And the drawing board to think who I can approach for case studies, in or out of the public sector.

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