Monday, 12 October 2009

Why the public sector?

What motivates me to do research on the public sector is
“the conviction that government is given crucial work that society very much needs to have performed well”
(from a book review by Kelman in Academy of Management Review, 2008 April, page 564)

It's important that researchers look at public sector work to find how public sector workers do well what they do well. Such research should disseminate good practice, which is then of value to all of us, both as receivers of public services and as tax payers.

Czerniawska writing on independence says here
"in the public sector, organisations tend to be more concerned about the tied/independent distinction, driven by a combination of wanting to ensure fair and open competition and by a desire for oversight and governance."
It's the oversight and governance aspects that draw me to the public sector.

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