Sunday, 4 October 2009

How has your study changed since you wrote your proposal?

How has your study changed since you wrote your proposal? That's another of Rowena Murray's writing prompts.

The main change in my study is the stress on social capital theory rather than on social networking theory. Consequently the method is also different (not the methodology) because with SNT, there's a possibility of counting, measuring and quantifying dyadic relationships but SNT doesn't take into account the quality of the relationship - the how.

Secondly, using SNT, I'd need access to more people within a group or organisation in order to collect and verify data whereas with social capital theory I can talk to any one person to get their impressions and I can work with those impressions. It's a bonus if I can get more than one person on the same project to talk to me, but not as crucial as it would be if I were using SNT.

So the methodology of using case studies and the philosophy behind that still stands, but I can also add one-off interviews about projects as well as aiming for case studies of projects where I can speak to more people. - very useful web site for all theories that might be applied to IS research
Murray, R. (2002). How to write a thesis. Buckingham ; Philadelphia, Open University Press.

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