Friday, 23 October 2009

Slow progress

I've little to show for the last week:
  • thinking about this theoretical framework;
  • coding a case study against it;
  • finding academic literature (like Orlikowski) to support aspects of the framework;
  • written little;
  • answered some emails;
  • read some papers
Why do some emails take so long? Hours even! Important emails have to be worded carefully, punctuated correctly, have the right attachments included together with dates, times, contact details. I have to print them off so I can see them properly, see the typo that just can't make itself seen on the screen.

So from a week's work I have:
  • two emails
  • some slightly altered paragraphs in the framework
  • a recoded case study
  • a few new files in my Endnote database
I'll need to speed up if I'm to finish within the funding. Does everybody go so slowly?

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