Saturday, 3 October 2009

Questions I currently have

The questions I currently have about my study are:
  • how to link the various facets of the dimensions of engagement that I've identified to the social capital dimensions that Nahapiet & Ghoshal identify.
  • if this structure for the theoretical framework is okay, then I have to write why it's okay, which has something to do with outcomes of engagement. Good outcomes create and maintain social capital.
  • which facets overlap and how do I write them so that the reader (especially my supervisors) understand what I mean?
  • how to explain the value that accrues from engagement so that practitioners understand its value and want to engage in order to use that value in their IT projects.

Murray, R. (2002). How to write a thesis. Buckingham ; Philadelphia, Open University Press. See Murray's prompts, page 88
Nahapiet, J. and S. Ghoshal (1998). "Social capital, intellectual capital, and the organizational advantage." Academy of Management Review 23(2): 242-266.

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