Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What is engagement?

Engagement’s more of a phenomenon than something definable, because it’s constructed by the various people who understand they are engaged.

If I asked you if you were engaged with your work, even a positive response from you would differ from a positive response from someone else. It’s socially constructed.

Engagement has several facets, including for example:
  • Commitment/ participation /involvement /collaboration /cooperation / Negotiation
  • Learning/Interest
  • Vigour/Dedication/Absorption
  • A mode of belonging/ Being included
  • Coming to the office
  • Round tables
  • Mutuality
  • Belief that people matter/ Create communities /Connect people /democracy
  • Specific expertise / More capability
  • Improved productivity
  • Cross-project communication/Communication /Creates common languages/Information flows freely/Dialogue
Some of these facets may be the same so I'll categorise them in some way.

But what's the academic literature that I need?

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