Friday, 22 August 2008

Government life cycles

Government requires a classical project life cycle for systems development I've read somewhere, but where?

The NAO assumes a life cycle with Gateway reviews at stages: strategic assessment, business justification, procurement strategy, investment decision, and readiness for service, and benefits evaluation, which is repeated as required (NAO, 2004: 27). It insists on Gateway scrutiny early in the IT procurement lifecycle.

The NAO document is slightly confusing because it refers to:
  • product life cycle (NAO, 2004: 27),
  • project life cycle (NAO, 2004: 12, 14) and
  • procurement life cycle (NAO, 2004: 20),
without clearly distinguishing between them. I wonder if the authors knew what they meant

NAO (2004) Improving IT procurement: the impact of the Office of Government Commerce’s initiatives on departments and suppliers in the delivery of major IT-enabled projects Vol. HC 877 HMSO. 728

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