Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Finishing PhD - about to submit

Delighted to watch my senior, a fourth year post grad about to submit her dissertation. She's given notice of submission, she's worked out how to use Word for big documents, formatted it according to the rules and says she's going to submit next week. Hurrah!
Presentation of the thesis

Your thesis should be typed or produced on a word processor and printed on a printer which produces letter quality print. Dot matrix printing is not acceptable. The text must be double spaced. Your thesis should be presented on good quality A4 paper. You may use both sides of the paper. The pages should be numbered consecutively.

The margins must be wide enough to allow for subsequent binding. The minimum requirement is:

· inside margin 40mm

· top and outside margins 15mm

· bottom margin 20mm.

There should be a contents page and, where appropriate, a table of illustrations and/or a list of any items not bound with the thesis (e.g. maps, plans, etc).

We'll miss her. She has quiet and sensible advice, as well as being a role model.

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