Thursday, 12 February 2009

NVivo course

Have just attended first half day of Nvivo course. It's a big piece of software that takes time and space on your computer. No wonder when I first tried it, it was so slow. But the software might allow more efficient analysis of data.

Despite efficient software the thinking work is still essential, what codes to use, and then how to write it up. Supervisors yesterday were asking if I'd given a fair account of the first two case studies - well yes - but only in that it is my account and only on the data that I picked out as important. And I didn't use Nvivo on the data - that's yet to be done.

There's another day of training next week and some homework to do. The course has helped because now I understand what the nodes are about.

Isn't second year busy compared to first?! Cases to collect, transcription, courses, conferences, papers to write and the literature still to search!

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