Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Nice things, unknown people

A nice thing happened to me this morning. A lecturer greeted me saying,
"I've been waiting to see you, to congratulate you!"
I quickly disabused her of the notion that it was me who'd passed her viva last week. But isn't it nice that our director had sent round an email announcing Linda's success, so that people can congratulate Linda when they see her. Director wrote:
"I send my warmest congratulations to Linda Wilks who had her PhD viva on Friday and passed with just typos! Her thesis explored how social and cultural capital shape and is shaped by individuals’ attendance at music festivals."
Linda's success is also announced in the Dean's digest this week, but lecturer said that was too difficult to read over the intranet from home, so the email was the way she knew. Anyhow, we're not sure that the Dean knows us. Lecturer says he doesn't know what her team do. He's never ever, in two and a half years, come and said hello to us lowly students. He's an unknown to us.

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eLizH said...

I have to add that I have chatted to him in the coffee queue. And what a coincidence! We've just had an email on Dean availability saying that if we see him in the cafe to feel free to sit down with him and have a chat, that "he welcomes the time to catch up with people."