Saturday, 16 May 2009

Nvivo updated

I'm following Silvana di Gregorio's advice on anonymising my data in the analysis files so I shall soon be able to share the data with my supervisors, which will be interesting. I wonder if they'll look as closely at such electronic files as they do my writing.

I've also worked out how to attach memos to transcripts, but done so too enthusiastically as I hadn't realised where the links should be to annotations. Now I can annotate transcripts so each particular point that I want to comment on is linked to the particular annotation. It's really useful because as you read a transcript, ideas come to mind, ideas that may not require coding, but just thinking about and perhaps talking about with someone eventually, something to follow up later.

The other useful thing I've learned is to create an analysis journal under memos, with the time stamp against what I've done (cntrol shift T). This is useful to remind me how far I've got in anonymising, and what codes I might want to look at in future (like code against history or pre-conditions).

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