Sunday, 24 May 2009

Poster competition

There is a research poster competition, including a web competition so I've uploaded my poster there. If you can log in to the OU site, do look here and vote for a poster (preferably mine). And details of the competition are here.
Voting will open at 9 am, Friday 29 May and will close at 12 pm, Thursday 4 June. You can only vote once and you can't change your vote.
The poster competition is on Friday 5 June, which is a bit of a bother because that afternoon I have to be in London for something more important than playing with posters. After all my effort to get the photos edited right, I'll not be in the room to explain my research to the poster judges. Mind you, it's a Friday, so I doubt there'll be anyone else on campus to come and see the posters any how.

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