Thursday, 7 May 2009

Why do this?

Why? I'm stuck in the middle of the PhD, half way through 3 years of funding, only 18 months to go, but it feels like there's hardly any time left, because I've done two and a half years, being as the first year was on the Masters in Research Methods. Of my colleagues, I know some of them are struggling. We lost a couple during or after the MRes. Some of them have had problematic relationships. Some of us are not happy with the way we work with our supervisors.

Supervisors are so important. We are unhappy when they criticise our writing, but as a colleague on Facebook recently commented
This would be so much easier if my supervisor wasn't stunningly correct about 98% of what she says.
What other opportunities do we ever get for someone to talk to us so intensely about our work? I'm rather lucky to be here.

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My son! said...

I have a love/ hate relationship with severe criticism. It's very tough at the OU--it's not for the faint-hearted. There something very satisfying, however, about being able to say in 30 words what it used to take me 300 to say.