Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Other theories

I'm using social capital as a framework to analyse my case studies and today we had a lunch time seminar from Dr Rob MacMillan who suggested four theoretical aspects to use to theorise areas of the third sector:
  • social capital (Bourdieu)
  • discursive institutionalism (Hay)
  • capabilities and resilience (Sen)
  • club theory (Jordan) and homophily (an interesting new word)
I know only about the first area - social capital, though what Dr Macmillan said about club theory sounded interesting. However, my recently doctored colleague suggested that Bourdieu's work could apply satisfactorily to all four areas that Macmillan's interested in:
  • competition and collaboration
  • sustainability / entrepreneurship
  • challenges, response and support
  • class and participation
I agree with my colleague, but if you know a theory then you can see lots of applications for it.

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