Friday, 22 May 2009

PhD theses I've read

Pugh says in order to find how to write a thesis, a student should aim to read two or three theses a year. So far I've read:
  • Diana White on a systems view of project management for how she used systems theory, and because her supervisor told me it was a good thesis.
  • Kirstie Ball on surveillance for her structure because she wrote on several case studies as I do (or hope to have)
  • Lupson on accountability because his PhD was filling a gap in the literature on accountability in the public sector
  • Someone on consultants, which was a pain to read because I could only get a microfiche copy
  • Marsh on the Feminine in Consulting because she wrote on consultants. But in fact it's not her PhD I've read, only the contents, because I'd have to go to Lancaster to see the original in the library; it's not available electronically. pooh! But she's written a book from her thesis and it's very readable. so I got the OU library to get a copy and that's what I'm reading.


Irene said...

If you are interested here is the link to my PhD thesis on client-consultant interaction (Smith 2008) that was referenced in Sturdy et al.'s new book (2009).
Good luck with your thesis!

eLizH said...

Irene, I am interested, and thank you for the link. Some time ago I explored the cbs site because I thought there were interesting things going on there, but I didn't find any links to theses, so I especially appreciate your post.